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The THIRD workshop on hierarchical zeolites in Erlangen:

Hierarchically-ordered Materials: From Theory to Applications

Hierarchy is an organisation principle of nature. Concepts of hierarchy are found in ecological, social and nowadays also in technical systems. Many natural materials derive their function through a hierarchical organisation of their structural elements. Nowadays, also porous materials take advantages of a well and on purpose designed hierarchically-organized structure.

Therefore, from the 30.09. – 02.10.2019 internationally leading scientists in this field will for the third time meet at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg to discuss general aspects of the property hierarchy, related synthesis routes and preparation pathways to hierarchical materials, their in-depth characterization and technical use.

Zeolites or zeolite-like materials with a hierarchical building concept are becoming increasingly important for technical applications, e.g. in catalysis. Here, a perfectly ordered microporous fraction is combined with different levels of more or less ordered larger porosity. Currently, this field stimulates extensive research activity in particular fundamental studies of hierarchy formation. However, the development of analytical tools for the qualitative and quantitative characterization of the property hierarchy is still in its infancy.

The workshop predominantly will provide room for extensive discussions covering all four aspects, namely theory, synthesis, characterization and a special forum for application options. Therefore, scientists from academia as well as from industry are cordially invited to join the workshop.

See you all in Erlangen!!

Martin Hartmann, Matthias Thommes and Wilhelm Schwieger